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About us

Located right on the Ladghar beach Arebian Sea is a small resort with two sea view rooms on the ground froor and four rooms on the first floor. The first floor also has a balcony with a grand view of the Ladghar beach.

Arebian Sea is a beach resort in Ladghar which is similar to a homestay in many ways. The hosts also live on the ground floor who also cooks for the guests in the resort. Delicious home made food which is prepared in the authentic kokani culinary style is served to the guests of Arebian Sea Beach Resort.

Hammocks are placed in the courtyard lined with coconut palms where one could relax in the shade enjoying the beautiful view of the Ladghar beach.


Dapoli, a small town in Ratnagiri, is everything a holiday destination should be. A perfect place for a beach holiday, Dapoli has something for every one. Be it age old temples, seaforts or museums Dapoli has it all!

Ladghar on the shores of which Arebien Sea Beach Resort is located is famed as 'Tamas Teertha' thanks to the multitude of shades of red the sea at Ladghar adorns itself with at twilight. Ladghar is a small stretch of beach with a hillock at one end and an endless stretch of beach on the other.

Karde another popular beach is located to the north of Ladghar and to the south Ladghar extends seamlessly onto Burundi beach.